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UHMC Ambulatory Surgical Service Centre

Most patients become petrified at the very thought of having to undergo surgery and one of the major worries is the fact that hospitalization is required. After all, hospitals can be terrifying places for patients. Fortunately, there is a gentle option available for many patients who need to undergo surgery, which does not require overnight admission in hospital. This option is called Day Care Surgery (also known as ambulatory or same day surgery).

Day surgery has various advantages to patients, they are able to recover at home in the comfort of their relatives, there is reduced risk of hospital acquired infections, early ambulation and early return to work reducing medical complications and is advantageous to employers. On the other hand, Day surgery research has shown considerable reduction in cost of surgery which will reduce cost for patients, insurances and employers, making health care affordable.

The flagship of the UHMC is the high-tech Ambulatory Surgical Services Centre (ASSC) which has six theatres, two recovery wards and a comfortable entertainment lounge where visitors wait for the patient to recover. Close relatives may accompany the patients in the wards or en suite rooms during recovery.

UHMC ASSC performs a wide range of procedures in the various specialties such as Ear Nose and throat, eye surgery (ophthalmology), cosmetic and plastic surgery, urology, orthopaedic, general surgery, gynaecology, vascular, dental, laparoscopic surgery and Endoscopy. We also give chemotherapy in a serene environment with friendly and supportive staff.

The Day surgery unit provides a safe environment for surgical procedures due to high standards of infection control maintained and with the objective of reducing surgical costs for patient, we currently perform certain procedures such as total knee or total hip replacements, perctaneous nephrolithotomy for removal of kidney stones, fixation of maxillofacial/orbital fractures on stable patients and admit patients in a cheaper hospital for a few days.

Procedures are done under suitable mode of anaesthesia either local, general anesthesia or spinal anesthesia, patients are safely monitored postoperatively before they are discharged.
We welcome you to experience the excellent, cost effective services at UHMC ambulatory surgical service centre.


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