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UHMC Day Care Surgical Centre

Located on the entire 2nd floor, the unit has qualified personnel, experienced in a wide range of theatre procedures and providing excellent nursing care. It provides surgical services ranging from

General surgery
Breast lumps excision, hernia repair, Surgical Toilet, Drainage of Abscess, Biopsies and Removal of Foreign Bodies, Excision of Lesions, Lumps, Lymphomas, haemorrhoidectomy stapling, anal fistulae/fissures excision, laparoscopy, excision or cauterization of  warts

Plastic surgery
Revision of Scars, Excision of Keloids, Skin Grafting, Needle Diathermy, extraction or cryotherapy of molluscum, excision of skin lesions and punch biopsy

Cosmetic surgery
Reduction and augmentation mammoplasty (breast implants), liposuction, laser lipolysis, abdominoplasty, dermabration, mastopexy , blepharoplasty and fat injection.

Circumcision, Vasectomy, Testicular Biopsy, Orchidectomy, Orchidopexy, Urethral Dilatation, cystoscopy, DVU (direct visual urethrotomy), laser lithotripsy, ESWL (electroshock wave lithotripsy), PCNL (percuataneous nephrolithotomy), urethroplasty, removal of stents, ureteroscopy/insertion of stents, Transurethral resection of bladder tumour/prostrate (T.U.R.B.T/T.U.R.P)

Simple open and closed reduction of fractures, Decompression carpal tunnel, exicision of ganglion, Tendon and nerve repairs, Digital amputations Removal of Pins, Plates, Screws and intermedullary nails, Minor Osteotomies, Bone Biopsies, arthroscopy and anterior cruciate ligament (ACL ) reconstruction. Total hip, total knee replacement and intermedullary nailing

All minor gynecological conditions including: D & C, Laparoscopy, tubal ligation, cone biopsies and cervical polypectomy removal/retrieval or insertion of IUCD and pap smears.

Eye surgery (ophthalmology)
The entire range of eye surgeries: Cataract Extraction, phaco emulsification, Small incision cataract surgery (SICS),  Lens insertion, Squint Correction, excision of chalazion and pterygium, Removal of foreign body eye, Laser PRP (panretinal photocaoagulation), corneal transplant or removal or stitches, Vitrectomy, and other retinal surgeries. Intravitreal injection of Avastin, triamcinolone or lucentis.

Insertion grommets, Ear Syringing, Adenoidectomy, Nasal Polypectomy, Drainage Nasal Abscess antrum washout, removal foreign bodies, submucous diathermy (SMD) , cervical lympnode biopsy, biopsy PNS (post nasal space)

Surgical disimpaction (odontectomies), dental implants, full mouth restoration, extractions and fillings, enucleation of mandibular cysts, fixation of maxillofacial fractures or removal of implants

Upper and Lower GI Endoscopies for diagnosis or treatment such as removal of polyps.

Vascular surgery
Insertion permanent dialysis catheter, insertion chemoport, creation or closure A-V fistula

Other procedures
Chemotherapy, rehydration, ECG, dressings, nebulization, drug administration/injections, removal of stitches, catheterization, enema, haemoglobin or blood pressure check, allergy disensitization


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