Dr. Hosea Waweru

About Dr. Hosea Waweru

Dr. Hosea Waweru is a Consultant Paediatrician, Dermatologist and Venereologist. He is the first doctor in Kenya to specialise in all three.

Appointment Information

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Dr. Waweru’s Clinic

The clinic: Dr. Hosea Waweru’s Dermatologist Clinic is located at Upper Hill Medical Centre, 5th Floor.

Medical services: The dental services at D.N. Dental include diagnostic services, medical management of ongoing conditions, cosmetical dental care (teeth whitening and dental implants, among others), and preventive dental health, including dental cleanings and screenings, fluoride treatments, fillings and sealants, crowns, root canals and tooth extractions, etc.

Opening hours: Monday–Friday; 7.30 am–4:00 pm