Have a Query or Concern?

Need information or clarification on a service, specialist, billing, insurance or any other area of concern that has not been covered below? Get in touch with us via admin@uhmc.co.ke and our team will promptly get back to you.

Which conditions do you specialise in?

We offer a wide-range of specialist care. Please visit Our Specialities page for more information on the medical and surgical services offered at UHMC.

Do you cater to walk-in clients?

Most of our specialists offer appointment-based care, while the laboratory, imaging and pharmacy services cater to walk-in clients.

For more information about our walk-in services, please contact our reception via admin@uhmc.co.ke or +254 (20) 2721583.

If you wish to make an appointment to see a specialist based at UHMC, please visit Our Specialists page to get the particular specialist’s contact information. 

How quickly can I be seen?

UHMC can provide appointments at short notice, sometimes on the same day. Please contact us to discuss your needs and we will slot an appointment for you as soon as possible.

How do I pay for my treatment?

At UHMC, you have a number of options when it comes to paying for your visit.

You can choose to self-pay or use private health insurance. 

Our list of insurance partners consists of all the major medical insurance providers in Kenya. Also in our growing portfolio are international insurance partners, namely: Aetna, MSH, Henner, Allianz, Cigna, Bupa International and Vanbreda.

For more information about payment options at UHMC, please get in touch here and our front desk will assist you further.

Does one need a medical referral to get treatment at UHMC?

Not all treatments require a referral. To find out if you will need a referral, please email admin@uhmc.co.ke  or call us on +254 (20) 2721583.

What are UHMC’s opening times?

Please visit the pages below to find out the opening hours for the four UHMC-specific departments:

For the opening hours for specialists based at UHMC, please visit Our Specialists page and get in touch with the particular specialist for further information.

Is parking available?

UHMC is conveniently situated within Upper Hill area, Nairobi, easily accessible through both public and private means. If coming by private means, we have  ample parking spaces for patients and visitors. 

How does one reach UHMC if coming via public means?

The following bus routes pass through Upper Hill. They can be boarded from Railways, Kencom, Bus Station and Ambassadeur bus stops in the CBD.

  • 2 (to Dagoretti Market)
  • 4W (to Kaberia)
  • 7C (to Community, Upper Hill, KNH)
  • 8 (to Kibera)
  • 24 (to Karen)
  • 32A (to Ayani)
  • 33NG (to Ngumo)
  • 34L (to Langata)
  • 56 (to Kawangware)
  • 102 (to Kikuyu)
  • 111 (to Ngong)

In case one wants to grab a quick meal while waiting for an appointment or a patient, are there any cafes or restaurants nearby?

Java House is located within UHMC, with breakfast, lunch and dinners available for purchase. There is also a snack menu where you are welcome to order sandwiches, wraps and toasties. Opening times are 6:30am–9.00pm.

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